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We need your help! A couple of weeks ago we adopted out our cat Honey's sister, who we named Maple. She is a caring and loving cat who has frequented our apartment complex for the past two years, charming everyone who has come by our home.

Over the past two years she has become increasingly tame and as people have left our apartment complex, we realized that there were less people left here to care for her, so we fostered her for a short period of time and then adopted her out.

On her first night with her new owner, she managed to open and tear through a screened window and jump two stories. Even worse, she escaped into an area full of raccoons, skunks and coyotes. After a few expensive days of searching (losing hours of work and sleep, using traps, cages, lures and a variety of services to get word out about her escape) we managed to get her back!

However, upon taking her to the vet upon her return, we found she has an acute kidney stone issue which will cost us up to 1800 dollars for surgery. The cost of getting her back, her vet visits, continued care following the surgery and the surgery itself is taking a rough toll on our bank account, so we're trying to raise money by selling prints!

This print is SIGNED and LIMITED to an edition of 100 8x10s! The giclée is printed on acid-free paper with archival inks. We've gone to incredible lengths to make sure this is the best possible print product we've ever offered.

This print is a limited, signed and hand-numbered edition of 100. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping!

Printed at Static Medium in Los Angeles.